CGPM free services for high-throughput sequencing

February 19, 2019
Andy Wang

To better help the genomics community at Florida State University, the CGPM will provide several free services for the people who did high-throughput sequencing in the Translational Science Laboratory. Those services are free for everyone submitting sequencing to the FSU Department of Biological Science (MiSeq) and College of Medicine Sequencing platforms (Hi and NovaSeq). The deliverables for the routine analysis include: (I) Sequencing Report (MS Word file) – a written report documenting the performance of the sequencing job (II) FastQC Report (HTML file) – reports generated by a NGS data quality control tool, which can be viewed on a web browser (Illumina Sequencing only) (III) Alignment Files in BAM format (IV) BigWig File for visualization in Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV). The apply for the free service, please send email to