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About us

The Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (CGPM) at Florida State University aims to enable research programs by providing consulting, data analysis support, and training for research projects with genomic components. The CGPM’s primary goal is to relieve the analytical bottleneck of genomic research projects by providing data analysis services with standard data analysis workflows and with the development of custom data analysis methods. The CGPM also serves as a research hub aimed at bringing together diverse faculty of various disciplines to solve large-scale biological problems, including those related to fundamental and translational biology, and neuroscience.


Data Analysis

The primary focus of CGPM is serving the bioinformatic needs of research laboratories at FSU. We can provide a number of data analysis services, including the execution of standard data analysis pipelines, data visualization, and the development and execution of custom analyses. We can aid in the analysis and interpretation of various types of genomics data, including, but not limited to whole genome CRISPR screen analysis, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, DNA methylation, DNA variation, metagenomics, and de novo genome and transcriptome assembly and annotation.


Workshops: One of the major goals of the CGPM is enabling a culture of genomics research at Florida State University. The training of researchers at all stages of their career will promote a culture of genomics by a establishing a continuous pool of intellectual resources in bioinformatics at FSU. The CGPM will periodically hold free data analysis workshops for a variety of genomic data types and at various skill levels, from introductory to advanced topics. Upcoming workshops will be announced through our this web site and in our mailing list.

Individual and small-group training: The CGPM provides individualized and small-group training as a service to laboratories engaged in projects with the CGPM. The CGPM also provides training and research opportunities for highly-qualified undergraduates interested in genomics research. Please email us for more information.

Grant Support

The CGPM is dedicated to helping investigators secure funding from both public and private funding agencies. We also provide letters of support so funding agencies know your genomic research projects have the bioinformatics support they need available. For projects with a significant genomics component, the director may also be able to participate in collaborative proposals as co-Investigator.

Requesting Services

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